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About IETE Head Quarter NEW DELHI  

     Founded on Nov.1953, The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) is a leading professional society devoted to the advancement of science and technology of Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers and Information Technology . IETE serves its over 70,000 members both individuals and industries / organizations through its 57 centres spread all over India including one in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Backdrop

Phenomenal developments in Telecommunications and Electronics in any countries were already influencing independent India engaged in its gigantic nation building efforts in 1947.

The existing professional or scientific bodies in India at that time were not able to pay adequate attention to nurture and grow these specialized engineering areas at a rapidpace as required by the country. The need for a separate professional institution fully devoted to Telecommunications, and Electronics which could bring together various individuals or groups working in these areas became acute in the early '50s, as India Launched itsprogramme of national development through five-year plans. It was visualized that such an institution could cope with the rapid developments in the above fields, coordinate and disseminate technical knowledge, facilitate exchange of views among the members,publish results of their aspirations to professional status and also serve as a focal point for the orderly growth of this specialized branch in the country. Although, proposals for forming such an institution had been made by several seniors in the profession from time to time in the earlier years, their efforts finaly met with success when the Articles of Association of the Institution of Telecommunication Engineers (name by which IETE was known then) was signed on 01 October 1953. The first President being Shri B R Batra, Chief Engineer, Psats & Telegraph Department, NEW Delhi.

.    Organise conferences,symposia, Workshops and brain-storming sessions involving all concerned       professionals, students and industry associations for the advancement of the discipline.
.    Provide a forum for discussion on national policies and to provide suitable inputs to policy makers.
.    Promote and conduct basic engineering and continuing technical education programmes for human         resource development.
.    Promote the use of state-of-the-art techniques of instruction.
.    Stimulate research and development in the discipline.
.    Enlarge membership base and provide facilities to members to update their professional skills.
.    Bring out quality publications for all levels of readership.
.    Honour outstanding professionals.
.    Organise resources centres and data bases.
.    Faciliate inter-disciplinary interaction with other organizations and individuals within and outside the country       for the promotion of the discipline.
.    Develop the Institution's infrastructure at various centres and expand their activities.
.    Undertake socially relevent programmes with Electronics, Telecommunication and IT as tools.

IETE Foundation Day is celebrated at HQ and at all Centres on 02 Nov every year on the theme as decided by the Council.

About IETE, Hyderabad Centre Top

IETE, Hyderabad Centre is the biggest in the country which was established in the year 1973. As on march. 2010, it has a strength of 1900 corporate members, 1724 student members, 41 student forums and 15 industrial members. Warangal and gulbara are the two sub centers. Tirupati centre which was sub centre for the last 3 years became centre during Sept. 2010. Inthese 37 years, the Centre has made many rapid strides in achieving academic as well as professional targets.

      The Centre is running ALCCS course which is equivalent to M.tech (CS) recognized by usmania University and JNTU Hyd at present to bathces of ALCCS courses with 60 students are being conducted at IETE Hyderabad centre. Running short-term courses in Electronics and IT. Student projects for BE/B.tec.-300 approx per year with qualified and experienced Guides being organized every year. BASL(Bharati Airtel services Ltd) tainting programs are organized at our centre which provides placement opportunities to IETE students. IETE Hyderabad centre has been adjudged as the Best local Centre in India during the years 1992-93, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1999-2000 and Best Performance Centre Award for the year 2003 - 2004.We have conducted ATC duringSept.2007 Laboratory and Library facilities are improved from time to time.

     Development of infrastructural facilities for the continuing Education Program of IETE has been a continuous activity at this Centre. This Centre has adequately furnished Class Rooms, Electronic and Computer Laboratories fully equipped and Computer Centre comprising adequate number of Computers. This Centre has established Multimedia lab incurring an expenditure of Rs.30 lakhs with Internet facility which is being used by the Members and Students. The Auditorium with a seating capacity of 300 is being renovated to equip no-break supply, latest audio/visual systems and fully air conditioned at a cost of Rs.50.0 lacks.

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